About the brand

Carlo Sarti is a renowned symbol of elegance, comfort and style. We design distinctive branded clothing, according to the latest stylistic trends. We are a valued Polish brand that enjoys a growing confidence among both customers and professionals from the fashion industry.

The success story of the brand dates back to 1994. Then, in a building in the backyards was created a family business called Szymskór, which produced leather clothing for a narrow audience. Over the years, the growing demands and expectations of customers confirmed us in the conviction that you cannot stop in the pursuit of excellence. Therefore, in 2004, the company moved to a larger and more modern facility gradually increasing production. And so, a new, more upscale brand appeared: Carlo Sarti. Thanks to a thought-out strategy and hard work combined with passion, Carlo Sarti has become a great flourishing fashion company.

Our creative team of experienced designers and constructors have in mind above all unique and comfortable fit and the highest quality selected materials. What matters is the precision and perfection of execution of every detail. The result of long hours of work of talented artists is a wide range of unique models and colours.

We carefully observe the changing global trends, taking them into account in the most recent, original collections. The dominant patterns and styles in vogue in New York, Paris or Milan are also to be found in our sales outlets deployed in different parts of the Polish. Jackets, blazers and coats are made of high quality leather and materials of various kinds, which significantly increases the comfort of wearing them.

We have a professional machinery park of JUKI company and qualified staff with many years of experience. Our advantage is that we make every effort to ensure that our product was of the highest quality. Therefore, we supply products from the best manufacturers such as YKK, UNION KNOPF, KUFNER, CAMELA, THINSULATE.

Do not let yourself be fooled by a strange-sounding brand name, it allows to conquer foreign markets more easily. 100% of Carlo Sarti clothing is produced in Poland, which is motivated not only by a concern for meeting the needs of customers waiting for impeccable quality sew, but business responsibility manifested in the conscious being an active participant in the movement to promote supporting local businesses.